AQTIS Launches Early Incentive Bonus for QSD and QRT

3 min readMay 22, 2024

As part of the rollout of the AQTIS dApp, we’re offering a special incentive bonus for our community. This is our way of saying thank you for being with us on this journey to create the world’s best platform that combines class-leading yield with AI and quant tech.

For members who swap ETH or USDC for QSD or QRT, there is a unique opportunity to earn AQTIS tokens worth $3 million at current market prices. In this blog post we’ll explore how.

Incentive Overview

The early incentive bonus will be available to all community members for the first two years. The first year will have a higher incentive bonus, whereas in year two, those bonuses will be reduced as the ecosystem matures. The idea is to help accelerate adoption and then as the ecosystem matures, rewards taper off.

The below overview is a guideline to how we expect to manage the bonus structure. If the total value locked (TVL) number increases significantly, the amount of AQTIS and their equivalent value increases.

The details can be found below:

Year 1

  • QSD: 120 million $AQTIS tokens available, equivalent to 4% of Total AQTIS supply.
  • QRT: 120 million $AQTIS tokens available, equivalent to 4% of Total AQTIS supply.

Total: 240 million AQTIS tokens, or 8% of Total AQTIS supply.

Year 2

  • QSD: 90 million $AQTIS tokens available, equivalent to 3% of Total AQTIS supply.
  • QRT: 90 million $AQTIS tokens available, equivalent to 3% of Total AQTIS supply.

Total: 180 million AQTIS Tokens, or 6% of Total AQTIS supply.

How distribution works

We will release an additional 120 million $AQTIS tokens in Year 1 for QSD and QRT, a total of 240 million tokens. This is in addition to the 2.5% yield you will already receive.

The amount of additional tokens you will receive will depend on a number of factors including how much QRT and QSD you hold and current market prices.

For simplicity, this will be calculated automatically and you will be able to claim the additional tokens in the dApp.

We have provided a rough overview of how the value of the additional tokens can vary according to TVL.

If the AQTIS token price remains unchanged at $0.006, the 120 million additional tokens would be valued at $720,000 USD. If the total value locked of QRT or QSD reaches $7.2 million, it would be equivalent to an extra 10% in AQTIS yield distributed to holders. If the TVL was $15 million after year one, the additional tokens would equate to an additional 20% bonus.

The mechanics behind the early incentive bonus is to incentivize early holders. The earlier you hop in, the higher your potential reward will be.

The additional benefit of the early incentive bonus is it will help increase the number of buybacks the AQTIS ecosystem performs of the AQTIS token, creating added buy pressure to the AQTIS Token.

Early incentives will be launching soon and we’ll make another announcement when it is live.

As a sneak peek, we will be sharing a launch date later this week, so make sure you’re following our social channels so you don’t miss out!

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